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More than 80% of sales are the result of relationships—yet the #1 reason leaders fail is lack of interpersonal skills, and 85% of salespeople admit to feeling socially awkward in business settings.

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  • What is The Casanova Code?

    The Casanova Code is a revolutionary, eyebrow-raising take on corporate training that’s not only creating a lot of buzz, but is re-energizing businesses, igniting record sales and causing more than a few companies to reconsider their current leadership strategies. Here’s what makes The Casanova Code so different, so unique and so incredibly effective: You’ll learn how to use the wickedly effective secrets of the masters of seduction to succeed in the areas you need most in your business… you’ll become irresistibly "attractive" to your customers, captivate clients in any business situation, manage and inspire teams and employees, and develop lasting business relationships so strong your customers wouldn’t dream of cheating on you.
  • For Sales & Marketing Teams

    Would Casanova have outperformed all your top salespeople? The answer is a definitive YES, according to a growing number of executives, marketing directors, and sales teams who have discovered our groundbreaking—and somewhat controversial—program that delivers business success by tapping into the wickedly effective secrets of seduction. Secrets that uncover the basic primal ideas of how relationships work, and infusing this into the sale process… Creating higher performing sales teams that are more motivated, with sharper, laser-focused skills that become an instinctive part of their everyday interactions.
  • For Executives and Leaders

    What can an 18th century ladies' man teach today’s executives and corporate leaders about running a successful business? Much more than you’d think. And if you look at recent studies, companies need Casanova’s secrets now more than ever… We will turn everything you know about leadership inside out, shake you out of stale thought, and teach you new, different, and highly effective techniques to successfully lead your company.